Core Values

IISC is committed to stepping into the most fundamental of all values: “the love that does justice.” In addition, all of us at IISC—both individually and collectively—are committed to translating the core values listed below into values in action as we move through each and every day.

Serving with excellence and mutuality

We build partnerships with our clients and colleagues, modeling shared responsibility for our mutual success. We pursue excellence with integrity and honesty. We nurture creativity and innovation through ongoing learning and respect for different ways of knowing and diverse sources of expertise.

Reverence for human dignity

We respect the absolute value and worth of each person. Moved by compassion and humility, we take responsibility for ourselves and share responsibility for the well-being of others.

Living social justice

We pursue the co-creation of social systems characterized by a fair and equitable distribution of power and resources, transparent decision making processes, meaningful opportunities for people to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, and social systems that fairly balance the protection of rights for individuals with the rights of groups.

Inclusion, collaboration, and effective stakeholder voice

We demonstrate participatory leadership and act in solidarity with people in marginalized groups and communities. We work to strengthen the capacity of people to speak and act on their own behalf, in pursuit of their noblest aspirations. We continually deepen our cultural proficiency and capacity to co-create inclusive experiences for diverse people and groups.

Environmental stewardship

We demonstrate respect for all living things and act as stewards of the resources to which we have access and over which we have influence. We practice mindful consumption, using the fewest resources possible to accomplish our work. We protect, conserve, reuse, and recycle resources to the greatest extent possible. We consider the long, as well as short-term implications of their actions for our shared natural environment.