Andria Winther

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

Andria served as IISC’s managing director and director of education for several years before becoming an independent consultant and coach. Andria can be found working with clients – both IISC’s and her own – in all sectors, including individuals, teams, organizations and networks, who are looking to substantially elevate their positive impact in the world. She works alongside her clients to articulate aspirations and goals, build on strengths, and summon the courage and resolve to transcend barriers in order to experience lasting, life-giving change. Andria looks to transfer her collaborative process design and facilitation skills so that clients are left with an increased capacity to continue their impact well into the future.

Early influences of a life-altering semester in India, along with exposure to Paulo Freire, led to Andria’s passion for fostering equity and inclusion – particularly in the areas of education, health and housing. While fully embracing that our individual, organizational, and systemic problems need to be understood in order to be transcended, Andria is also interested in uncovering what’s working and identify strengths that need to be amplified so that all can thrive and flourish.

And, as an artist, Andria brings creativity to bear and an ethos of coloring outside of the lines, which she believes is requisite for change.