Barry Rosen


“Years before the IISC, Interaction Associates had another sibling: The Center for Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS). The mission of the center was to teach CPS and group facilitation to change agents and to promote the use of CPS with the stakeholders of multi-sector disputes and challenges. The CPS founders imagined working on the world’s most difficult problems with The Interaction Method, augmented by the latest in collaborative technology. But making a living and raising families intervened. As energies went to building IA into a sustainable business, the Center was put into cryonic preservation. In 1992, the metaphorical container of our more noble aspirations was re-opened. The Center was re-imagined with a more focused mission – to advance community-based democracy and a ‘fair chance’ for all people by teaching practical skills for civic engagement and demonstrating the power of collaborative action. With some seed money, and a commitment to nurture the new entity to adulthood, the IA partners launched the Interaction Institute for Social Change.”