Daryl Campbell

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

A graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Wofford College, Daryl’s life work centers around racial equity/racial healing and educational equity. As a racial equity leader, he designs and facilitates interracial and intra-racial dialogues about race that are guided by the Courageous Conversations About Race Protocol, a protocol that was created by the Pacific Educational Group to help us have profound and healing conversations about race. Daryl was introduced to Courageous Conversations About Race in 2005 and is now a certified Affiliate Practitioner in the use of the Courageous Conversations About Race Protocol.

As an educational equity leader, Daryl has served as a classroom teacher (elementary, middle, and high school), a teacher leader, an instructional leadership coach, and a district administrator. Currently, Daryl serves as the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction/Chief Academic Officer in the City Schools of Decatur, Georgia. In addition, Daryl has worked in or partnered with three other school districts – the Public Schools of Brookline (MA), Boston Public Schools (MA), and the District of Columbia Public Schools (Washington, DC).

Daryl’s collaborative approach and leadership practices are greatly influenced by his growth and development at the Interaction Institute for Social Change. He joined the IISC family in 2006 when he served as a senior associate, and he now continues his partnership with IISC as an affiliate consultant/trainer. In this capacity, Daryl is a racial equity leader, master trainer, leadership coach, and a designer and facilitator of multi-stakeholder collaborative change efforts.