Daryl Campbell

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

As an educator and consultant in the public and non-profit sectors, Daryl has served as a classroom teacher, teacher leader, administrator, and facilitator. He has facilitated learning in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms in three different school districts — the Public Schools of Brookline (MA), Boston Public Schools (MA), and the City Schools of Decatur (GA). As a Teacher Leader in the Public Schools of Brookline, Daryl led Brookline’s Educational Equity Project, a system-wide collaborative project to eliminate the achievement gap. Daryl’s teacher leader role in Brookline led to a consultant role at Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC). As a Senior Associate at IISC, Daryl served as a designer and facilitator of professional development and as a collaboration consultant for teacher leaders and school-level and district-level leaders.  In addition, Daryl served as a leadership coach and Director of Professional Development at Teach Plus, a national non-profit that focuses on teacher leadership development. A graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Wofford College, Daryl leads with a deep commitment to designing and facilitating inclusive processes, exploring equity issues, and building the leadership capacity of others.