Gibrán Rivera

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

“Together we can do what we could not do alone.” With this in mind, Gibrán’s job is to help people work better together. He is a consultant committed to the development of leaders, organizations and networks and uses coaching, training, process design and facilitation in service of those who are committed to social transformation.

Gibrán works with people who understand that we must take our next evolutionary leap. In keeping with the overall focus of IISC, Gibrán uses three lenses in his approach to collaborative leadership:

  • Shifting dynamics of power, equity and inclusion
  • Shifting from organizations to networks
  • Building beloved community

Gibrán’s graduate studies were in diplomacy and processes of negotiation and mediation. He has devoted much of his work life to the idea of democracy and to the work of emancipatory politics in urban communities.

Gibrán’s approach to his work today is particularly influenced by the work of Robert Gass, founder of the Rockwood Leadership Institute; C. Otto Scharmer and his peers at the Presencing Institute; the work and writings of Grace Lee Boggs at the Boggs Center in Detroit; and the forward thinking work of John Powell and the Kirwan Institute.

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