Greg Watson

Director of Policy and Systems Design at the Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Greg Watson is the Schumacher Center’s Director of Policy and Systems Design where he is a public voice for sustainability, equity, neighborhood planning through democratic processes, government policies that support human-scale development, citizen financing of new enterprises, and more. He has spent nearly 40 years working in the sustainable development arena and to understand of systems thinking as inspired by Buckminster Fuller. Previously, he served as Commissioner of Agriculture in Massachusetts under Governor Deval Patrick and as Commissioner (1990 to 1993) under then Governors Dukakis and Weld. During the Patrick administration, he worked to launch a statewide urban-agriculture grants program.  He has also served as Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Economic Affairs; Deputy Director of the Massachusetts Centers of Excellence Corporation; and as Executive Director of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative where he made urban agriculture a major focus of the community’s revitalization plan. Greg Watson also served on President-elect Obama’s transition team for the U.S. Department of Energy; as Senior Advisor for Clean Energy Technology within the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs; and at the New Alchemy Institute on Cape Cod, first as Education Director and later as Executive Director.