Kena (Eugenia) Acuña

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

Kena Acuña, MPH, CPC, is a training facilitator, leadership and life coach, and a consultant. For over 30 years, she has worked as a community organizer, a director, trainer and consultant in public health, staff development, diversity and empowerment, both in the United States and in Latin America. Kena has started and led a number of projects and programs, including Taller Salud, Puerto Rico, the oldest women’s health collective in Latin America; Proyecto Mujer, Salud y Poder (Community Empowerment Training Project), Hunter College, New York City; the Staff Development and Community Learning Unit at the Fifth Avenue Committee, Brooklyn NYC, and the Adolescent Reproductive Health Programs at the NYC Department of Health.

Kena’s passion is to work with people as they create healthy, safe, resilient, nurturing environments for themselves, their families and communities, while they stay connected to their power and intuition. She loves to support people in the numerous transitions that are part of life and invite us into the unknown. As a staff developer in Social Emotional Learning with Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, she lives her vision to have all people – especially the young ones – feel safe, supported and encouraged in their love of learning. She lives in NYC with two of her three children, her constant teachers.