Louise O’Meara

Regional Director, IISC Ireland Office

Louise is the Regional Director of the IISC Ireland Office. She comes to IISC with a background in strategic planning, organizational development, evaluation and policy impact assessment. In addition, she has considerable expertise in the area of gender equality work, including the “gender proofing” of policies. Louise has worked as an independent organizational consultant, trainer, and facilitator; a rural development officer; and as an urban community development officer. Her experiences in the private, public and voluntary sectors in Ireland convinced her of the need for developing effective relationships and structures within and between agencies, organizations and groups, in pursuit of social justice. Furthermore, her international consulting work in Russia, Georgia, the Czech Republic, and other countries has deepened her commitment to ensuring that skills for collaboration are tailored to local cultural contexts. Louise received her Bachelor’s degree from University College Cork where she studied sociology and social policy. She is an active member of a number of nonprofit organizations and serves as a board member of the Belfast Film Festival and the Women’s Resource and Development Agency.