Madison (Matt) Thompson

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

For over thirty years Madison (Matt) Thompson has worked in the areas of conflict resolution, diversity, and cultural competency. He has worked with large, regional banking institutions, higher education institutions, and major teaching hospitals as well local banks and community non-profit agencies.

Matt has been an affiliate with MWI for the past four years and co-facilitates the MWI – designed Negotiations workshop for Neighborworks America at their quarterly Training Institute.

A graduate of the Northeastern University Physician Assistant Program, Matt has sixteen years experience as a Physician Assistant coupled with ten years in the military health care system. He currently teaches Cultural Competence and Conflict Resolution while serving on the admissions committee for the P.A. program. Matt also serves as a Guest Lecturer to several other Physician Assistant programs throughout the country.

An alum and occasional guest Lecturer of the Master of Arts program in Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Matt has refined his expertise in cross-cultural mediation issues and regularly trains staff, managers, supervisors and higher education faculty in dealing with a diverse community and student body.

Matt has also been an affiliate of the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration for the past several years and worked on a number of public dialogues and workshops within that role.

Matt is currently serving as Director of Marketing and Communications for the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, an engineering research and development facility based in Cambridge, MA.

Certified in Facilitative Leadership®, he is also an affiliate of the Interaction Institute for Social Change based in Boston, Massachusetts.