Mistinguette Smith


If social change means making the places we live and work more just and equitable, then Mistinguette Smith believes that change must produce results we can touch, see, feel — and measure. She has piloted innovative, data-informed public funding partnerships in AIDS services in Ohio, and developed Target: Hunger, an outcomes-based organizing model to reduce domestic hunger in Massachusetts. Prior to becoming a Senior Associate, Smith was an independent consultant, designing strategy with rural and urban agriculture organizations; facilitating environmental and health care leadership development programs; providing board training for LGBTQ, racial, gender and economic justice groups; and serving as an affiliated trainer and facilitator with IISC. Clients say Smith brings sharp clarity and deep practical experience to their conversations about twenty-first century leadership, program design and strategy. A graduate of Smith College, she holds the MPA in Public and Nonprofit Management from New York University. She is also a poet, essayist, and founder of the narrative-based Black/Land Project.



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