Thomas Rice


“In the long, hot summer of 1992, Martin Luther King’s ‘fierce urgency of now’ struck home for me as I read with horror the daily accounts of African American teens and children, caught in the crossfire of gang warfare, being shot in front of their mothers in communities across the U.S. For them, social justice was clearly missing in action.

In IA at the time, after years of shoehorning our pro bono contributions in between our revenue commitments, it became clear to many of us that our social justice ideals would always be a casualty of bottom line pressure. The solution—which seemed quixotic for a struggling small company at the time—called for a bold, explicit commitment to social justice. But how? In what form? At what cost?  After a prolonged, value-driven conversation among the four partners, we’d crafted our answer, and IISC was born.”