Advancing Racial Justice in Organizations

A one day workshop for operationalizing racial justice in day-to-day organizational life.


Advancing Racial Justice is a one day workshop for organizations like yours that are ready to take your beliefs and put them into action. If you want to learn how to operationalize racial justice within your organization and through your strategy and actions, this is the workshop for you.

Workshop leaders will share theory, frameworks, tools, and stories about effective models in addressing racism and pursuing racial justice and racial equity in organizational life so that you leave with specifics that can be applied within your organization. You’ll explore how racial justice is relevant to your mission or the conditions that your work addresses. You’ll also explore how pursuing racial justice can strengthen how your organization operates. You will leave with a set of tools to advance the ongoing work in your organization.

In order to maximize your ability to implement what you’ve learned, we recommend that you come as an organizational team of two or three individuals. If your staff is small, you might consider bringing an active board member or other active volunteer as part of your team. (Please note, however, that workshop pricing is per person.)

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Develop action steps for operationalizing racial justice in your organization
  • Connect with a peer network of leaders who are addressing racial justice in and through their organizations
  • Use language and analysis of institutional and structural racism that are commonly used in the field to analyze your organization and its work
  • Clarify the importance of, and make the case for, addressing racism and pursuing racial justice within your organization
  • Understand how to find and use a variety of tools and protocols to address racism and pursue racial justice

$425 Nonprofit | $500 Foundation

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IISC is pleased to announce a new cohort-based learning experience for internal equity teams that are leading organizations to operationalize racial justice in their day-to-day work. Learn more and apply now!

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