Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work

Design and facilitate the challenging conversations that catalyze breakthrough thinking and lasting agreements

In our work as leaders, knowing about structural racism and understanding the difference between “inclusion” and “equity” are one thing; being effective at helping other people talk about them is another.

Are you looking for new ways to help people who are different from one another talk about racism and then figure out what to do together? 

Have you ever been leading a group and stopped in your tracks by someone’s comment?

Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work will teach you how to:

  • Design and facilitate conversations about racial justice work that foster authentic engagement
  • Use what you know about racial justice and equity to build understanding and agreement
  • Know which facilitation tools to use when you are faced with a hot button issue or other challenging situation
  • Lead emotionally charged conversations about race with presence, grace and authority

Join us for this two-day learning laboratory where we will experiment with a variety of ways to help people connect in authentic ways that yield productive conversations and solid agreements.

This workshop is designed for participants who have a strong familiarity with racial justice concepts such as institutional and structural racism, racial justice framing, and privilege. The workshop assumes this working knowledge and is not an appropriate learning environment for individuals for whom this is new material.

$650 Nonprofit | $1,000 Foundation

We are unable to offer group discounts or individual scholarships at this time. Thank you for your patience while we determine the best ways for IISC to support grassroots leaders in the future.

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