Pathway to Change

Find new and creative ways to build relationships, think strategically, and chart our way forward to a better future.

“We have to rid ourselves of the notion that innovation relies on the genius of an individual. We produce and innovate together only in networks.”
– Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire, Hardt and Negri

We are confronting issues today that are so complex that the problems are not well defined and the solutions are not the least bit clear. Collaboration is no longer optional; it is an imperative. We must find new and creative ways to come together to build relationships, think strategically, and chart our way forward to a better future. To do this well requires a new mindset, heartset, and skill set, which is what we offer in our Pathway to Change™ workshop.

Pathway to Change™ is deeply rooted in IISC’s experience and practice in the social sector and will provide you with the methods and tools needed to artfully design and skillfully facilitate collaborative change.

If you are engaged in a network – whether it be a coalition, task force, working group or multi-stakeholder collaboration – Pathway to Change™ will lift up the essential skills you need …from facilitating productive and meaningful conversations to designing a roadmap that will take your change efforts successfully forward to far greater impact.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Present a clear rationale to a group of stakeholders about why a particular change is necessary.
  • Convene and facilitate a diverse group or team to agree on the key elements of a collaborative change process.
  • Complete a stakeholder analysis that identifies key stakeholders and describes how and when they will be engaged.
  • Work with others to map out a proposal for a pathway to change.
  • Apply facilitation techniques to guide the group’s work throughout the different phases of the change process.
  • Guide groups to balance success across three dimensions: results, process, and relationship.

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