The Masterful Trainer

Design and facilitate the challenging conversations that catalyze breakthrough thinking and lasting agreements

Even the most experienced trainers and teachers sometimes wonder about their impact, or simply want to take their skills to the next level. The Masterful Trainer is a 2-day clinic that helps experienced instructors increase their effectiveness and enhance what they already do well. The workshop offers proven techniques for creating high– energy learning environments that facilitate active participation and effective learning.

You will see how you, as a trainer or teacher, can unleash your own power to articulate content, facilitate the learning process, and build relationships with participants or students that create a dynamic learning experience that brings out the creative best in everyone.

Benefits for Participants

This two-day clinic offers novice and experienced trainers, instructors, teachers, and community organizers proven techniques for leading valuable learning experiences that teach non-technical skills in a participatory manner.

By the end of the clinic, you will know how to:

  • Create a supportive and challenging learning environment
  • Vary the learning process according to participants’ needs, using a variety of didactic and experiential techniques
  • Tell stories that generate insight and understanding for participants
  • Encourage participants to share responsibility for success
  • Facilitate group discussion and interaction
  • Generate enthusiasm for the learning process and have more fun
  • Handle difficult situations, challenging questions, and resistance.

Small class sizes allow for extensive practice and coaching. You will be videotaped and will receive both group and individual feedback and coaching. The workshop is tailored to participants’ level of experience so that both novice and advanced instructors are challenged to reach a new level of mastery.

$650 Nonprofit | $1,000 Foundation

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