Love: Belief in Ourselves and Others

Love is an integral part of any social change initiative that’s ever taken hold. It is a force for changing how people think and act on individual and system-wide levels. Love builds relationships that have the power to shift culture. Love remembers our power, reclaims our history, heals our wounds, and innovates into the future.

Practicing love involves helping people see, articulate, and believe in their own highest selves, even if they can’t or don’t want to hear it. Facilitating this process requires deep understanding of where structural barriers exist in any given context that keep people from living their greatest aspirations.

It is through naming and transforming these structures that we create new patterns and shared power. Leaders must stretch across divides, differences of opinions, and their own experiences. Those who do so then realize their full potential and can help others do the same. Expressed as compassion, love is the ability to see others as legitimate, which is at the core of creating authentic, trusting relationships. IISC encourages this practice by helping people connect with their personal purpose and commit to their deepest values.

Ultimately, equity and justice require this as an ongoing practice. This territory between individuals is the place where transformative change happens. IISC creates conditions for profound alignment and change by encouraging people to dig deeper into who they are and who surrounds them. Cultivating the interior condition of leaders is fundamental to unleashing “the love that does justice.”

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