Creative Approaches

The Question Campaign

The Question Campaign promotes the practice of asking questions to engage the creativity of an entire community, with particular attention to the the margins of society, those traditionally excluded.


Go Boston 2030

“The Go Boston 2030 initiative is using the latest technology and real grass roots activity to achieve an unprecedented level of community engagement. We’re hearing directly from a broad group of people about what their needs and hopes are for Boston’s transportation future,” said Mayor Walsh. “Together, through this initiative, the public and city officials will build a bold and innovative plan that will improve mobility for residents, commuters, and visitors.”



 Learning Institutes

Designing Institutes to move many people into alignment such as this for the Ford Foundation.

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Experience Working Across Cultures

IISC has worked with communities around the world handling complex issues.

FL arabic in Israel


Facilitative Leadership training in Arabic, because it’s important for people to learn in their first language. Training in Israel.

Collaborative Environment

IISC employs our collaborative methodology in every engagement.

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