#DDDBoston Follow-up

Participant Evaluation

We value your feedback. Please take a moment and evaluate our December 11 meeting.

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Presentation Slides

Boston Beyond Boundaries: a Geographically Democratic View

Stephen Gray, Harvard Graduate School of Design

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Social Equity and Design Excellence

Anne-Marie Lubenau, Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Design Excellence

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Collaboration Visualization

Link to Sasaki and Associates interactive network visualization and see how you relate to other participants. Perhaps the event inspired greater connectivity!

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Big Democracy: A Fundamental Shift

IISC President, Ceasar McDowell delivered “Big Democracy: A Fundamental Shift” at TEDx Hamilton on October 10.

See him open with the vastness of wonder that exists in the universe, literally displaying a photographic representation of the Big Bang. He then presents the comparison to the Human Universe with its “constellation of different races, ethnicities, languages, sexual orientations, and belief systems. So while the complexity of the universe inspires, the complexity of the Human Universe feels daunting.”

Racism — what will it take to end it?

IISC Senior Associate Cynthia Silva Parker at TEDx Sarasota on the will, skill, knowledge and strategies needed to end racism.