Equality vs Equity: The gift that keeps on giving

June 2, 2016 2 Comments

ATTENTION FRIENDS! Can you use the equality vs equity illustration in your book/video/presentation/etc?

Yes! You do not need written permission to reproduce the work. Read below for information on the license under which the illustrations are released.

Since releasing our adaptation of this cartoon in January (working with our dear artist friend, Angus Maguire), we’ve found other versions of it floating around the internet, either via word of mouth or direct contact. We hoped that by making the design files available we would get some clever renditions, but what we’ve seen has gone far beyond what we expected!

To keep track of them, we’ve started a gallery of the different riffs on the version for others to use. Take a look and if you see any others, please email them to comms@interactioninstitute.org or tag us on Twitter so we can add them to the gallery.

PS – Thanks, Andrea Nagel, for the supportive energy and prodding to get this out of my backlog and into reality.

Equity Equality Reality

Created by Andrew and found on Facebook


Created by Markus Schöberl and submitted to IISC via email


  • Rosalyn Taylor ONeale says:

    I love this. Would like to use it in an upcoming book – The 40 Yesr Journey Toward Inclusion. Is this possible and if so, what’s the right reference.
    Thank you
    Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale

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