Hiring: Project Managers

IISC is seeking experienced and highly-organized project managers to join on-going racial equity client IISC affiliate teams and internal IISC projects. 

The role of the project manager involves coordinating the logistics of a client engagement in support of the work of the consultants – to ensure the work flows smoothly, that timelines are maintained and honored, and time and financial targets are met. Project managers may also be brought on to support internal IISC projects. Additionally, some teams and projects may require content management support to assist the group in “seeing” their collective thinking in ways that promote powerful conversation and decision-making.

Specifics may include:

  • Lead the team on time and task management – manage overarching team work plan and agree on communications and tracking tools, check-in protocol, and feedback mechanisms
  • Perform data collection/basic summary analyses (various assessment tools – surveys, interviews, etc.)
  • Coordinate scheduling and meeting support (including managing virtual meeting tools)
  • Organize/Manage documents (including shared notes, next steps, and project wrap-up – determining what documents need to be shared with the Project Coordinator (PC) to upload to Box.com)
  • Develop materials: process maps, agendas, and slide decks; coordinate with PC on ordering/printing of manuals; and prepare group memories consistent with IISC’s methodology
  • Conduct research (varies by project but may include summarizing survey data, reviewing organizational documents, leading or recording for focus groups or interviews)
  • Manage finances of the project – track budget to actuals (in partnership with IISC staff)
  • For content management support, discern what is important to be captured in client meetings and to do so accurately and efficiently.

There are many skills and interests that are necessary for this role including, but not limited to:

  • High-level systems thinking in relation to managing an overarching timeline, work plan, and budgets for multi-year projects
  • Developing appropriate and accessible mechanisms for capturing project information including note taking, process maps, agendas, group memories, slide decks
  • Feeling grounded in a critical and behind-the-scenes role on the team
  • Ability to balance competing priorities and individuals needs to create a realistic and empathetic work plan timeline 
  • Internalization and experience in the practice of IISC’s Relationships-Process-Results framework and attention to issues of power, equity, and inclusion and an ability to articulate how this informs your work
  • Experience identifying potential roadblocks and creating proactive strategies and solutions 
  • Confronting conflict courageously while remaining grounded in love and accountability 

We are looking for people who can work on 2-3 client projects at a time. Time can vary but please have availability for at least 15-20 hours/month, ideally starting in March, 2021. This position will be compensated at a rate of $65/hourly. Additional internal project management work may be available at $40/hour. 

If you are interested in applying for this position please submit your resume and written responses to the following questions in the linked Survey Monkey. 

Please explain why you are interested in working with the Interaction Institute for Social Change and why you feel drawn to this position.

  1. What are your super strengths that you hope to utilize in this role?
  2. What are your growing edges for this position and how will you seek support? 
  3. Please tell a story or provide examples which illustrate some of the skills and interests listed for this position. 

Please submit your application materials by 5pm ET, Friday, February 5th. Our hiring process includes:

  • Reviewing all applications submitted
  • Holding 45-min interviews with selected candidates
  • Reviewing references 
  • Making final offers by the end of February 
  • On-boarding new project managers by early March

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at iisc-hire@interactioninstitute.org