Love in the Time of COVID-19

June 16, 2020

Heartfelt appreciation to all who have expressed interest in our trainings throughout this time of reduced activity. Hearing from so many of you has been more than motivating. Over the last two months, we’ve had teams of trainers working to convert our workshops into virtual offerings and good progress has been made. As the summer unfolds, we will have more news to share about the availability of Facilitative Leadership for Social Change and Advancing Racial Justice in Organizations. Next up will be Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work. Stay tuned for details on these offerings and ways to participate.

We are not yet making plans to start offering in-person trainings again, but we have very much missed being in the room with you and look forward to restarting together when the time is right.

March 12, 2020

Here at the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC), we, like many others, have been grappling with what to do about COVID-19 as individuals, as an organization, and as part of several communities, systems, and networks. We are committed to keeping IISC and our clients healthy and safe amidst widespread disruptions and we seek to find the balance between our ongoing work and protecting the health and safety of one another. 

In this rapidly evolving situation, things are changing daily. We are monitoring the CDC’s evolving recommendations for avoidance and containment of the coronavirus, actively putting in place thoughtful precautions and remaining as vigilant and informed as possible. In line with our values, IISC hopes that we can receive this public health concern as an opportunity to care for ourselves and others while holding our vulnerabilities.

Regrettably due to our public health crisis, the following workshops will not take place as planned:

  • Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work (Boston) April 2020
  • Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work (NYC) May 2020
  • Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work (Oakland) May 2020
  • Facilitative Leadership for Social Change (Boston) May 2020

Please look out for an email coming later today about our new, free webinar series! Our team is in the lab working on ways to bring elements of our training online; we need these skills more than ever during these times. We will be in touch, and we hope to connect with you soon. 

We will continue to monitor developments in all the three cities where we offer publics – Oakland, New York, and Boston – and make further determinations in June and beyond.

Within the complexities of the current environment, we are also trying to get creative; we will be exploring possible virtual training options amongst other workarounds and new initiatives. 

We will share future updates as they develop and will have more information about next steps as the become available.

In the meantime, please stay safe and stay tuned.

With love,

Aba & Anastacia

IISC’s Training Team 

p/s – Here are some resources we’re reading and appreciating as we too navigate these times: