Aba Taylor

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

Aba Taylor has spent the last two decades engaged in social justice as an educator, facilitator, organizer, consultant, and nonprofit executive. From working internationally at the United Nations in South Asia, to conducting civil rights trainings all over the United States, to leading high impact social justice organizations and efforts, Aba has committed herself to building the capacity and leadership of organizations dedicated to social transformation.

Before coming to IISC, Aba was the executive director of a local grassroots nonprofit focused on community diversity, equity, and inclusion. Prior to that, Aba spent nearly 15 years living and loving in the People’s Republic of Brooklyn, working as the deputy director of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice and as a board member of the Audre Lorde Project and, before that, in Oakland for the Movement Strategy Center.

Taylor’s experience has included facilitating YW Boston’s Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity, and Class Action; designing and facilitating racial justice trainings for institutions such as the Boston Latin School, YWCA, the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, as well as myriad health care, educational, youth, religious, and other groups and organizations. Aba holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pan-African Studies from Columbia University and a Master of Arts degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the School of International Training. She is a Rockwood Leadership Institute alumnus and a certified trainer with Quabbin Mediation.

Passionate about arts, culture, and creative expression Aba is a closeted writer and a very out cinephile and sci-fi nerd. For Aba, liberatory parenting as well as spiritual and healing practices are her North Star.