Ayoka Turner

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

Ayoka Turner is a trainer, organizer and lifelong learner. She has over 25 years of experience working with young people, organizations and communities to develop partnerships for social change.

Over the last two decades, Ayoka has provided leadership to a wide variety of local and national organizations including Causa Justa::Just Cause, ACLU of California, Black Lives Matter Network, Students Making A Change, Design Studio for Social Intervention, ChangeLab, LeaderSpring, Sisters Retreat hosted by the Advancement Project, Bay Area Black Workers Center, and the California Endowment.

Ayoka has worked as a full-time consultant, as well as on staff with the Black Lives Matter Network and Movement Strategy Center. Born and raised in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn and the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Ayoka has spent her life working in and for working class communities of color to increase access to resources, decision making and to build community power.

In 2016, Ayoka completed a Masters of Divinity Program at the Pacific School of Religion and she is continuing to build her ministry while pursuing ordination. Ayoka also enjoys spending time with her pre-teen son Khalil in this universe and occasionally beyond!