Charlie Jones

Project Coordinator

Charlie is a project coordinator at IISC. In addition to supporting long term, complex consulting projects, he serves as the Project Coordinator Team Supervisor where he leverages his 12-years of experience at IISC to advise and guide a new generation of talented project coordinators.

Charlie’s first passion is rock n roll music. As a guitarist and songwriter, Charlie logged over 20 years gigging with a variety of bands you’ve never heard of. While a devotee of rock n roll, he appreciates all kinds of music from all kinds of cultures and believes music is a fundamental thread in the fabric of humanity and good medicine for all humankind.

Prior to joining IISC, Charlie spent eight years in the supported housing industry. In addition, Charlie has worked in various capacities including stints as: a substitute teacher, waiter, short order cook, laborer on a concrete placement crew, and for a while was the gardener for an aunt of one of the Beatles.

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