Daunasia Yancey

Board Member

Daunasia Yancey is a freedom fighter for the liberation of all oppressed peoples and the creation of a more just world. She organizes mass mobilizations and direct actions, advocates for resources and policies that best support marginalized communities, and is a leader in the Movement for Black Lives. In 2014, Daunasia responded to the international call to action of the Black Lives Matter movement, organized a caravan to Ferguson, Missouri, and founded the Boston chapter of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

Currently, Daunasia is the executive director of The Rest Rail, an organization that is changing the culture of social justice work by providing cost-free vacations to activists of color and embedding rest and wellness in our movements. Daunasia is also growing her organizational consulting practice, Pay a Black Woman, which aims to raise the profile of Black women public speakers and entrepreneurs.

In addition to her philanthropic career, Daunasia is studying business management at Harvard University.