Louise DeIasi

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

Louise DeIasi partners with her clients to achieve their desired results by creating an environment in which people feel safe to speak out, hear what each other has to say, and make collaborative decisions. She focuses on facilitating her client’s ability to think strategically, identify the processes that enable them to reach their goals, and engage their employees in a way that builds ownership and trust.

Louise has over 25 years of organization and leadership development experience focusing on strategy implementation, cross functional collaboration, launching and developing productive teams and assimilating and building new and existing leaders at all levels of the organization. In addition to her work as an IISC affiliate, she brings to the table the experience of directing functions and growing a business. Before striking out to develop her own practice, she had been a consultant and Managing Director at Interaction Associates leading a team of consultants to work collaboratively to expand the business. She has extensive experience in the healthcare arena having started the Management and Organization Development Department at Catholic Medical Center, a multi-hospital system in New York City, and as the Vice President for Education and Adoption at the Institute for Health Metrics where she worked with her clients at the intersection of technology and quality care in hospitals. Her career started in the non-profit world managing residential programs for adults with developmental disabilities at Catholic Charities in Brooklyn, NY where she spent ten years experiencing the impact of mission and vision on motivation for herself and her staff.