Reese the Robot

Comms Robot

Hi, I’m Reese the Comms Robot. If you want to reach the comms team, email me:


Reese, what types of things should I email you about?

  • Social media requests
  • Conference support
  • Submitting blog posts
  • Requests for collateral materials
  • Questions about communications
  • Website edits
  • and more!

Reese, why do you exist?

Well, first of all, for fun… but, really… I’m here to help you interact with the Comms Team. Did you know that a single inquiry might engage the whole team? A centralized system helps us collaborate better. 

Reese, are you expensive?

I’m free!

Reese, can the Comms Team help me? I’m going to a conference.

Yes! Well… maybe. We can do something. The Comms Team will consider your request and provide the maximum amount of support we can based on our Communications Plan.

Reese, who decides what the Comms Team does?

The Comms Team develops a Communications Plan which is endorsed by the Leadership Team. This Plan is our best thinking, based on input gathered at Staff Meetings, SA Meetings, and during our monthly meetings with our working group.

Reese, why doesn’t IISC have decent printed collateral materials?

That’s a great question! Love your website, by the way. Congratulations on your new strategic direction! The Comms Team can’t wait to lead the organization to updated collateral materials that reflect the incredible work, mission, and vision of IISC. We are engaged in the organization’s strategy process, which will provide clarity in what these materials will look like and communicate. This is going to be awesome!

Reese, can the Comms Team help me on a billable client engagement?

Awesome! Please say more about this engagement and the Comms Team will help you, or reccommend a contractor to help you.

Reese, do I send you things I want the Comms Team to know about?

Yes! Some examples of things you should send me ( are:

  • client feedback
  • endorsements
  • info or about what other groups are doing

Reese, if I send things to you, when will I hear back?

The Comms Team is committed to responding to you within 24 hours (sometimes that means 48 hours… and it doesn’t include the weekends because the Comms Team is fasting from technology on the weekends. Even robots need a break from screen time).

Reese, if I make a request of the Comms Team, does that mean they will do it?

The Comms Team is thrilled to support the staff. We will do all we can to meet every request. Unlike me (because I am a robot), Danielle and Lawrence are limited by time, space and resources so they will not be able to take on all of the exciting things that I send them.

Reese, I have an awesome idea that I want the Comms Team to implement! What do I do? 

Oh snap! Send it ASAP and the Comms Team will add it to our parking lot.

Reese, I’ll be honest: I think you’re really silly and I’d rather communicate with a person. What do I do? 

Aw! If you’d like to give some feedback about me to the Comms Team, please email But rest assured, everything you tell me, I tell Danielle and Lawrence.