Stephanie Ghoston Paul

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

Stephanie Ghoston Paul (she/her) is an internationally recognized speaker, racial justice facilitator, organizational development consultant, life coach, and recovering lawyer. She helps people, communities, and companies get in alignment with and fully embody their purpose, in service of a planet where all human beings are free, whole, and enough.

Stephanie’s unique approach skillfully and wholeheartedly combines her sharp legal mind, problem-solving skills, and love of people to powerfully serve clients and challenge existing exclusive systems and organizational structures. Her consulting practice supports organizations ready to transform their core identity to one that fully embeds anti-oppression and liberatory principles into their organizational culture.

Through her individual life coaching work, she is dedicated to helping high-achieving leaders embrace their brilliance so that they can stop second-guessing their greatness and activate their potential. Stephanie walks alongside her clients as they discover ways to stop hiding, prioritize themselves, and start living on purpose.Stephanie explores what it means to be a living ancestor through her latest community offering called Take Nothing When I Die. She is also on the board of the Global Youth Leadership Institute, a program she completed in high school as a member of its founding cohort. She enjoys cooking spicy dishes with her partner, playing recreational flag football, and finding new flavors of delicious tea.