Stevie Johnston

Senior Associate

Prior to joining IISC, Stevie was the Director of the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) in Northern Ireland, an adult education body whose mission is simply to ‘make learning irresistible.’ Before becoming director he ran community leadership programs for the WEA, and while on a research visit to Boston in 1995 to look for new leadership models, discovered IISC. A partnership quickly followed and since then thousands of participants in Ireland have had the opportunity to benefit from IISC’s workshops. As a long standing affiliate trainer with IISC, Stevie has delivered Facilitative Leadership many times.

Stevie holds a BSc in Social Administration, an MSc in Social Administration, Policy and Planning and an MBA from the University of Ulster, where he specialized in strategic development for not for profit organizations. He has attended the Federal Executive Institute’s Charlottesville, VA campus and graduated from their Leadership in a Democratic Society program (where he also got to see round the Pentagon on an electric buggy!). Steve has also worked in Eastern Europe helping build civic democracy in Russia, Lithuania and Georgia (where he ran collaborative leadership training in Stalin’s summer house!).

Active in community life, Stevie is treasurer of his local community development association and chairperson of Community Places, a not for profit agency that enables communities to have a voice in planning and regeneration.

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