Whether you’re trying to develop your skill as a leader, as a facilitator or as a change agent, IISC’s training programs help you get there. Here are some examples of results that propel individuals to make the change they seek.

Women of Color Leadership Circle

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, political chaos, and racial reckoning experienced in 2020, IISC facilitated the Women of Color Leadership Circle. This network was designed by and for Boston women of color leaders and... Read More

Immediate Relevance for Health Leaders

Massachusetts Institute for Community Health Leadership develops the next generation of leadership in health care organizations. IISC guides participants in their efforts to build their collaborative skills to achieve impact.

Transformative Leadership Development Program

The Institute for Civic Leadership is a regional multi-sector civic leadership program in greater Portland, Maine for which IISC collaboratively designed a fifteen-day, civic leadership program that includes skills transfer, personal reflection, diversity awareness, dialogue, and... Read More

Racial Equity and Inclusion in Philanthropy

IISC partnered with foundation's staff to integrate a race/ethnic equity and inclusion lens into their programming, grantmaking, and operations. Most recently, we facilitated retreats with the Senior Leadership Team and a three-day, all-staff convening of 200+... Read More