Whether you’re planning for the future or responding to an immediate high-stakes need, IISC will get you to the other side. We develop and deliver leadership in monumental moments.

Immediate Relevance for Health Leaders

Massachusetts Institute for Community Health Leadership develops the next generation of leadership in health care organizations. IISC guides participants in their efforts to build their collaborative skills to achieve impact.

Transformative Leadership Development Program

The Institute for Civic Leadership is a regional multi-sector civic leadership program in greater Portland, Maine for which IISC collaboratively designed a fifteen-day, civic leadership program that includes skills transfer, personal reflection, diversity awareness, dialogue, and... Read More

Facilitative Leadership and Community Building

During this highly experiential course with Citizen Schools and Lesley University, participants used collaborative action and community building in their work as out of school time professionals, while examining the theoretical underpinnings of each.

Social Justice and Peace in Philanthropy

The Ford Foundation convened the Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace. Leaders from grantmaking foundations and philanthropic support organizations come together with IISC to examine their practices.

Convenings on Black Male Achievement

IISC provided process consulting, facilitation, and project management for regional design teams to produce regional convenings for the Open Society Institute’s campaign address black men and boys’ exclusion from economic, social, educational, and political life in... Read More

Improved Education for Connecticut’s Children

IISC was engaged as a capacity builder for Discovery grantees of the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund. We provided Facilitative Leadership® training and follow-up consulting services to strengthen collaborative skills and momentum for change.

Inclusive Goals, Priorities, Decisions

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) is partnering with IISC to develop and pilot a customized training for GEO members that focuses on strategies funders can embrace in becoming more inclusive of grantees and other stakeholders when... Read More

Network of Oral Health Advocates

The DentaQuest foundation is engaging stakeholders from all levels of the system on the development and implementation of strategies to eliminate the barriers to care that prevent many from attaining good oral health.

Racial Equity and Inclusion in Philanthropy

IISC partnered with foundation's staff to integrate a race/ethnic equity and inclusion lens into their programming, grantmaking, and operations. Most recently, we facilitated retreats with the Senior Leadership Team and a three-day, all-staff convening of 200+... Read More

Fellowship Feeds Network

IISC is partnering with the Barr Foundation on designing and delivering the learning components of the Fellowship and is working closely with Foundation staff to nurture and support the emergence of the larger Fellowship network.

Uncovering the Root Cause of Health Inequities

IISC designed and facilitated the Springfield Health Equity Initiative to examine the root causes of health inequities - to understand how social determinants create inequities in health outcomes for people of color compared to whites.