Whether you’re planning for the future or responding to an immediate high-stakes need, IISC will get you to the other side. We develop and deliver leadership in monumental moments.

Planning Process Yields Funding

IISC guided the participants through a planning process that identified and engaged a myriad of stakeholders and ultimately resulted in a successful bid for implementation funding. The Holyoke/Springfield Workforce Development Initiative for Healthcare is diversifying job... Read More

Peace, Security, Political Relevance

Over 50 activist organizations, scholars, and funders were convened by the Ploughshares Fund post 9/11 to for the Peace and Security Initiative. IISC designed and facilitated a collaborative planning process that involved over 650 people in... Read More

New Americans Community Inclusion

IISC designed and facilitated a process to support the convening of a network for the Massachusetts New Americans Agenda (MassNAA). The process was designed to ensure ongoing problem solving, learning, and improvement; increase community inclusion; maximize... Read More

Business and Community Unite for Children

IISC designed and facilitated a process involving nearly 1,000 people for the Davis Foundation, causing a ripple effect of momentum and commitment among the Springfield's business and community organizations to focus on helping young children thrive.

Alignment for Better Education

IISC designed and Facilitated The Boston Promise Initiative's Promise Neighborhood grantee planning grant to build alignment.

Dialogue on Race and Racism

With LISC-Boston serving as the lead agency, teams from eight organizations (CDCs and intermediaries) have come together on an eighteen month peer learning project to equip themselves to facilitate dialogue within their organizations on issues of... Read More