Improved Education for Connecticut’s Children

The William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund works to improve education for Connecticut’s children by supporting school change, informing the public debate on educational issues, and strengthening the involvement of parents and the community in education. Through its Discovery Initiative, the Memorial Fund is partnering with over 50 communities across the state to improve the lives of young children, from birth through age eight. IISC was engaged as a capacity builder for Discovery grantees and provided Facilitative Leadership® training and follow-up consulting services to strengthen collaborative skills and momentum for change. As of January 2012, IISC had provided training to over 200 community members from around the state. In addition, IISC is working with the Memorial Fund as the lead process designer and facilitator of Right from the Start, a statewide early education and child development system change initiative to ensure excellent and equitable services for all of Connecticut’s children and families, regardless of race, income, or ability.