Racial Equity

Collaboration for Equitable Outcomes

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Partner with IISC

IISC supports complex organizations, networks, neighborhoods and movements to shift societies towards being more inclusive, equitable, and engaged. Because we know change is needed across the society for racial equity, we work with various types of organizations, networks, and leaders.

  • Private, Public, and Community Foundations and Philanthropic Associations
  • Multi-stakeholder, Cross-sector, Collective Impact Networks and Coalitions
  • Public/Governmental Institutions, including Municipalities and Public Schools
  • Social Change Movement-focused Organizations
  • Private sector companies that want to contribute to positive change

IISC Offerings

IISC offers a variety of services that support organizations and networks to integrate racial equity into all parts of their work, and build individual and organizational capacity.

These services include:

A. Designing and Facilitating a Collaborative Change Process including Developing Race Equity Plans

B. Designing and Facilitating Public Engagement Processes

C. Facilitating Workshops to build knowledge and skills on racial equity

D. Building In-house Training Capacity

E. Coaching Leaders

Where to Begin?

There are multiple entry points for an engagement with IISC to achieve your goals. We can work with your team to identify the right combination of activities in a sequence that will make sense for your organization.

Why Racial Equity?

IISC envisions a more just and democratic world in which all people are fully participating in decision-making about their communities, sharing information and resources in reciprocal, decentralized ways, balancing their complex differences, and working together for peace and justice on a healthy planet.  We work to create equitable outcomes for communities of color by increasing collaborative leadership to take action for racial equity. This results in:

  • Increased numbers and higher visibility for  leaders of color
  • Awareness of racial equity by white leaders
  • Funding and other resources allocated to racial equity
  • Divestment from racist systems
  • Stronger, denser and more expansive  networks working for racial equity
  • More effective strategies and programming, leading to improved outcomes and reduced racial disparities

To fully understand the complex challenges facing our society, we have to understand the role of race and racism, and the ways in which they intersect with classism, homophobia, ableism and other forms of exclusion.  Placing racial equity at the center of social change efforts is the key to success, not only in reducing racial disparities, but in fully solving problems. Our fate is shared, and all voices must be empowered to realize our collective genius. People working together can ensure that today and in future generations, racial demographics are no longer a predictor of health, educational attainment, wealth, and other indicators of well-being.

As important as working together is for pursuing equity, our society lacks the infrastructure for meaningful participation across difference to solve the problems that matter to us. And those who are at the margins of society are often most affected and least engaged. IISC invites groups and leaders to engage difference, scale network power, and lead with love as the only sustainable force for social change. Using this collaborative change approach, which combines equity, love, and networks, we see leaders overcome challenges and have astounding impact.


Building Leadership and Capacity for Racial Equity

Successful efforts for racial equity incorporate the personal, interpersonal, institutional, and structural levels at which racism occurs. IISC supports this by developing the fundamentals of collaboration:

  • Strong collaborative intent
  • Flexible collaborative processes
  • Adaptive skills and tools for building  agreement among people

Standing on this collaboration foundation,  leaders learn, plan, and act in ways that are safe and inclusive. Everyone’s voice is valued and respected, and multiple intelligences (spiritual, interpersonal, logical), are honored and nourished.


As leaders, organizations, communities, and networks work with IISC to build their collaborative platform, they:

  1. Are equipped with the tools to champion racial equity change processes and to design and lead conversations about racial equity in their organizations
  2. Expand their understanding of the context or system within which its work takes place, the role of racism and racial inequities in creating the current reality, the rationale for being explicit about racism, and strategies needed to intervene successfully
  3. Build the collaborative capacity required to work effectively with internal and external stakeholders
  4. Transform internal systems and structures and take action to reduce racial inequities in all aspects of their work
  5. Transform relationships with individuals, organizations, and communities of color, centering their work around the experiences and wisdom of those most negatively affected by racism and resulting disparities. They demonstrate  trust in racial justice organizations to carry the message and do great work, rather than relying on consultants to “bring the answers”
  6. Offer programming, initiatives, and services, and collaborate with others in ways that reduce racial inequities by addressing root causes
  7. Act as change agents in their fields, influencing others by the effectiveness of its work on these issues; leveraging network structures, behaviors, and effects to realize equity outcomes