Network Building

Connectivity for Alignment and Action

IISC works with groups to identify what kinds of networks will help them achieve their purpose and what kinds of tools, processes and partnerships will build and strengthen their network. Our collaborative methodology is particularly powerful in the development of alignment and action networks. We bring our deep experience in the design and facilitation of collaborative and innovative learning spaces to the complex work of fostering connectivity networks. These kinds of networks tend to be emergent and become decentralized, self-sustaining, and self-organizing in ways that defy the planning logic that has defined the social sector.

This network approach creates the conditions for the kind of innovation and experimentation needed to tackle society’s most intractable problems and reflects a new approach to movement building.

IISC’s collaborative methodology is an approach to designing and facilitating processes that maximize stakeholder involvement to move a group from shared vision to collective action. It is rooted in the belief that sustainable success is balanced across three dimensions – results, process, and relationship. Working together, people build connections, create shared meaning, and build the necessary agreements to achieve their common goals.