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No place in America better understands the legacy of racial inequity than Atlanta and our neighbors. Yet, we can see that despite our best efforts, children and families of color are still carrying the load of structural racism.

In order to accomplish equity in Atlanta and beyond, it is time to reach out of silos, work through political divides, and leverage our hope towards coordinated change.

What’s stopping us from being the nation’s hub for equity leadership? How can we ensure that black voices continue to shape the direction of this city’s future?

Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work

Design and facilitate the challenging conversations that catalyze breakthrough thinking and lasting agreements

Join us for this two-day learning laboratory where we will experiment with a variety of ways to help people connect in authentic ways that yield productive conversations and solid agreements.
December 5-6, Atlanta, GA | Register
February 8-9, 2017 in Atlanta, GA | Register

Facilitative Leadership for Social Change

Lead in a way that inspires, invites participation, and builds commitment

Facilitative Leadership for Social Change develops practical collaborative skills and tools for tapping the creativity, experience, and commitment of staff and colleagues and provides participants with a forum in which to explore their challenges and aspirations as leaders. At the heart of the workshop are powerful leadership practices that, when fully embraced, create the conditions for people to move together from vision to action in extraordinary new ways.
January 10-11, 2017 in Atlanta, GA | Register