March 5, 2024

Leadership for Transformative Futures

This series is for leaders of all kinds – organizers, network members, and those working for justice. Each of the three sessions will help leaders dig into the complexity and reactivity of the moment. Together we’ll explore the roots of a current critical issue, and IISC will offer tools with an eye on identifying opportunities to move towards transformative and equitable futures.

Session One: Conversation and tools for leading during moments of chaos and complexity

May 7, 2024, 3-4:30 pm EST
With IISC facilitators Kelly Frances Bates and Simone John

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The only lasting truth is change. (Octavia E. Butler, 2012, “Parable of the Talents”). 
We are living at a moment of immense instability – economically, politically, environmentally, and socially. Leaders are expected to navigate the instability and model their values. But how do you do it? And what’s your foundational orientation to change? How is that showing up now? How is it serving or not serving you and the people around you? In this learning experience, we’ll look at examples of how past leaders have led during seasons of unrest. Then we’ll work together to generate ideas and approaches to guide our own unique situations. We’ll close by sharing a tool you can use to deepen your ongoing exploration of these challenges and opportunities.

Read Kelly’s reflections about the May 7 session.

Session Two: New and Ancient Wisdom for Shared Leadership: Lessons to (Re)Learn and Unlearn 

July 25, 2024, 3-4:30pm ET
With IISC facilitators Simone John and Cynthia Silva Parker

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We are living in a moment of immense instability. Leaders are expected to model their values while balancing budgets, addressing staff discord, and navigating ideological conflicts. IISC has been supporting collaborative leaders and networks for years; still, to some people, shared leadership sounds like a new and even disruptive concept. In this session, we will explore how shared leadership and interdependence have always been common in nature and in movements for justice. Join us to reflect on lessons we’ve learned – and unlearned – on the path to transformative futures. Together we’ll distill enduring leadership lessons for our times.


Session Three: September 2024

Details coming soon!

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July 31, 2020

Advancing Racial Justice in Organizations

Why now?
Now more than ever, change agents in organizations large and small need new tools and a fresh perspective to catalyze and sustain the work of racial justice. Whether you are already leading or want to lead racial justice work within your organization, ARJ will give you the skills and tools you need to mobilize your colleagues. Combined with your passion for guiding your organization’s efforts, our expert insight and support will teach you how to translate your organization’s racial justice values into action and impact.

What will you learn?
Advancing Racial Justice will equip you with frameworks and tools to design and lead collaborative change processes in your organization. You will learn to identify how systemic racism and other forms of inequity show up in the world and in your workplace, with an emphasis on ways to advance justice work in the current climate. And you’ll explore how collaborative processes are a high-leverage strategy for designing more equitable organizations.

Part One: Foundations and Grounding

    • Learn to use key race justice/equity concepts in your work 
    • Reflect on the power of working collaboratively to advance racial justice
    • Understand how to guide an intentional planning process to advance equity and justice
    • Explore how to stay grounded as a leader in the midst of challenging work
    • Give and receive peer support 

Part Two: Tools Deep Dive

    • Develop a team charter to support your team’s racial equity efforts
    • Learn to describe your current reality, goals for the future, relevant context,  stakeholders, and ways to involve your stakeholders in your collaborative change process
    • Gain tools to operationalize equity practices 
    • Design a clear and compelling case for change indicating why you need a racial equity action plan 
    • Learn design principles for collaborative planning

The format for this workshop is under development. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know how to take advantage of this learning opportunity for yourself individual and for your organization. 

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June 17, 2020

Bringing Facilitative Leadership for Social Change to Virtual Work Webinar Recordings

We appreciated the enthusiastic response to our webinar series and are happy to announce that IISC is available to deliver one or more of these webinars live to you and your colleagues, grantees, or other stakeholder groups. If you are interested in learning more, please send us a detailed message. 

AND…the recordings are now available to those who participated as well as those who were unable to do so.  Click here to access the recordings.

Have COVID-19 and social distancing thrown you into the unfamiliar world of virtual meetings as the only way to connect? While there are plenty of tips and tricks circulating about how to make your virtual meetings more effective, join us to learn how to make them more equitable by leading with love, nurturing networks and relationships, and managing power dynamics.

This free series of webinars will help you integrate the collaborative values and practices of Facilitative Leadership for Social Change into your virtual work.

Session 1: Managing Power Dynamics in Virtual Meetings.

In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Articulate how facilitative leaders understand what power is and how to work with power dynamics
  • Use meeting design considerations to normalize discussions of power and share responsibility for shifting power dynamics
  • Use facilitation tips and the role of facilitator to make it easy for everyone to participate

Session 2: Designing for Love and Equity in Virtual Meetings.

In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Articulate why bringing love and equity into virtual meetings is an important practice for facilitative leaders
  • Use transformative prompts, mindfulness and affinity spaces
  • Use arts and healing to bring love and equity into your virtual meetings

Session 3: Balance the Dimensions of Success: Results-Process-Relationship.

In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Articulate why focusing on multiple dimensions of success is important to your virtual meetings
  • Balance your focus on results, process, and relationship as a leader
  • Design your virtual meetings to balance results, process and relationship

Session 4: Collaborative Decision-Making and Shared Leadership.

In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Articulate what “shared leadership” is and why it’s important to organizations, networks, and the world right now
  • Promote equitable leadership and operate in ways that foster “power-with” instead of “power-over”
  • Engage stakeholders in collaborative decision making

As always, thank you for your interest in and support of our work. We appreciate you!

P.S. Please subscribe to our mailing list to be among the first to know about other new, virtual IISC offerings. (For example, we expect Facilitative Leadership for Social Change to be available for scheduling in the new year!)

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October 20, 2014

Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work

Are you interested in deepening your skills for facilitating effective conversations about race, racism, and racial justice? Would you like to be better equipped internally to hold space and be ready to respond in challenging moments when facilitating these conversations?

This workshop offers facilitators skills and tools to draw upon as we strive to be effective at helping people of diverse identities explore race, racism, and racial justice in ways that support them to work together more constructively.

By the end of this workshop series, participants will have:

  • An exploration of the internal conditions (e.g. mind, body, spirit, heart) needed to build self-awareness to effectively facilitate racial justice conversations.
  • Practical skills for facilitating productive conversations and building shared understanding about race, racism, and racial justice, in both virtual and in-person environments.
  • A deeper understanding of the development of racial identity, the system of racialization in the U.S., and one’s own story within this context.
  • Practice addressing challenges and aspirations as a racial justice facilitator.
  • An experience of a caring and collaborative approach to racial justice facilitation and a well-resourced community of racial justice facilitators.

Session Descriptions

1. Foundations of Systemic Racism

  • Explore ways to build shared language and develop a shared understanding of racial justice concepts.

2. The Power of Storytelling

  • Understand stories of race in the US and how our own racialized identities impact our facilitation.
  • Explore how to create and use racial affinity spaces.

3. Preparing Yourself and the Container

  • Create the context for effective facilitation.
  • Learn strategies for managing when we’re activated as facilitators.
  • Reflect on how to sustain ourselves over time.

4. Facilitation Fundamentals

  • Explore the different roles facilitators are called on to play.
  • Learn intervention strategies for unexpected challenging moments.

5. Coaching & Practice

  • Apply these learnings to our own scenarios and exchange feedback while doing so.

This workshop is for anyone who is or would like to be facilitating conversations about race and racial justice, and who wants to sharpen their skills. We look forward to having you join us! 

$375/person Grassroots | $750/per person Nonprofit | $950/per person Foundation | $1,125/per person For-Profit/Social Venture

Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know about how to register when new dates are announced.

Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work is also available as an offering for participants from one organization or network – either as an online offering as described above or as a two-day in-person learning experience. Learn more here.

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October 16, 2014

Facilitative Leadership for Social Change

If you are committed to creating conditions in which you and others can act together and make change, moving together from vision to action in extraordinary new ways, then Facilitative Leadership for Social Change is for you.

Facilitative Leadership for Social Change develops practical collaborative skills and tools for tapping our individual and collective creativity and experience as social change agents. At the heart of the workshop are powerful leadership practices that make it easy for all of us — regardless of race, class, gender, ability, sexuality, and other identities and experiences — to offer our perspectives and talents, speak up when we have problems, take initiative, make decisions, work with others, and share responsibility for the health of the team, organization, or network. 

IISC defines leadership broadly, regardless of formal or positional authority; participants from a variety of organizational and network structures and hierarchies find value in Facilitative Leadership for Social Change. You will, as well. 

Learn the Practices of Facilitative Leadership for Social Change
Facilitative Leaders model key practices that make it easier for principled, self-empowered collaborators to communicate, decide, and act together. The following list of these practices represents what you will learn in our standard seven-session online workshop or our two-day in-person workshops to engage your own and your collaborators’ skills, wisdom, and energy towards your shared goals. 

Introduction to Facilitative Leadership & Building Liberatory Power Equitably
Throughout this workshop series, as we offer you tools that you can bring to your work and community, it’s crucial that we ground these practices in a commitment to build power with, not power over, in service of liberation, not domination. Through IISC’s Collaborative Social Change Lens of love, power, and networks, we’ll explore the concepts of power-over and power-with, our own relationships with power, and our individual and collective commitments to a more just and equitable world.  We’ll also introduce the concept of “attunement.” A key characteristic of Facilitative Leaders is being attuned to, or aware of, our bodies, emotions, and spirit, as well as each other and the natural world. This practice of expanding our attunement allows us to create and inspire the conditions for sharing power and responsibility, trust, and collaboration. 

Focus on Results, Process, Relationships
Facilitative Leaders build a path for performance and satisfaction by balancing our focus on three dimensions of success: results, process, and relationship, and by inviting others to help attend to that balance. Rather than focusing exclusively on outcomes (results), Facilitative Leaders also encourage continuous improvement in how the work gets done (process) and how people connect with and treat one another (relationship). Learning to balance our focus in these ways enables us to sustain effective, collaborative processes and build a supportive work environment for our teams and networks.

Discover Shared Meaning
Through skillful communication, Facilitative Leaders gather and share information with our collaborators, strive to understand one another and expand our collective understanding of any situation, in order to create the conditions for better decisions, collaborative action, and desired results. The workshop offers ways to understand how we and others make sense of our experiences, intentionally and unintentionally, and how we can be more deliberate in our thought processes. 

See Systems
Facilitative Leaders recognize our work exists within a broader, systemic context and that there is much to be gained from understanding what is hidden beneath the immediate, visible surface of any challenging situation. In this workshop, we learn how to make sense of complexity by involving others in understanding how the visible and invisible levels of complex systems are connected and mutually reinforcing. Together we uncover more innovative and creative strategies that can be leveraged for transformational change.

Seek Maximum Appropriate Involvement
Facilitative Leaders make conscious choices about when and how people can best participate in making decisions that affect their lives. The workshop offers concrete skills and tools for acting as stewards of decision-making processes. We learn how to be intentional, inclusive, and transparent in the decision-making process as we seek to leverage the interest and talent of those around us by including them appropriately in the decision-making process. And we see the many advantages of doing so: better-informed decisions, increased commitment to action, and higher levels of trust.

Design and Facilitate Meetings
Facilitative Leaders model behaviors – and invite others to do so, as well – that create an environment for participation and shared responsibility. They are process powerhouses: leveraging simple, intentional processes and tools to facilitate effective group conversations; preparing for the necessary and possible conversations; and pivoting as needed as conditions change. Facilitative Leaders see meetings as seeds of possibility for the changes we need in our organizations, society, and world. We learn how to design each meeting thoughtfully, which allows us to bring together all of the facilitative leadership practices – balancing different dimensions of success, stewarding effective decision making, and more – in thoughtfully designing meetings for successful collaboration.

Please note: There are two additional practices of FL4SC – Build Collaborative Change and Inspired a Shared Vision – that can be included by special arrangement. 

What you can expect from this learning experience
The Facilitative Leadership for Social Change workshop includes small group time to practice and grow your understanding, and individual reflection to help integrate the practices into your life and work. We prioritize connection between the program participants because the group’s collective wisdom is precious, and we try to give it space to grow and spread. 

IISC is pleased to have a team of brilliantly skilled trainers – some of the best in the movement. All are fully steeped in the practices of FL4SC and also bring their own unique facilitation magic as they deliver IISC’s workshops grounded in our lens of love, power, and networks. You can look forward to a joyful and inspirational experience that is highly interactive and may include music, poetry, somatic practices.

Online Workshop Pricing – for individual enrollment
$525/per person Grassroots | $1,050/per person Nonprofit | $1,325/per person Foundation | $1,575/per person For-Profit/Social Venture

Facilitative Leadership for Social Change is available – both online and in-person – as an offering for participants from one organization or network. Details and pricing can be found here.

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