Working With IISC

Thank you to the many friends and colleagues – near and far – who have reached out to IISC with an inquiry about racial equity consulting and/or training. This continues to be an extraordinary time, indeed. While we have known for more years than any of us can count that we live in a racist society, recent events – from the pandemic and its disproportionate impact on communities of color to the murder of so many Black people at the hands of the police – have caused many more among us than ever before to pay attention and realize it’s long past time to take action in pursuit of racial equity and justice.

This increase in demand – combined with the importance of ensuring the well-being of all IISC staff – has prompted us to make a few critical changes at IISC:

  1. We have sharpened our focus regarding where and how we can have the most impact and will be prioritizing future consulting engagements based on a new set of criteria. These new criteria (see details below) reflect our  belief that substantial change happens when groups are willing to shift power and resources in support of their racial equity and racial justice work. 
  2. We will not be starting any new consulting or training engagements until the New Year. We will resume conversations about new consulting inquiries sometime this fall from groups that meet our new criteria. See more information below. If you are interested in a training for your organization or network, you can submit an inquiry through the process described below.
  3.  At the end of this page, we also offer alternative resources if IISC isn’t the right choice for you.

Thank you for being on this journey and for reaching out to learn more about IISC. We look forward to connecting again in the near future. Meanwhile, please take care.

The IISC Team

IISC’s Strategic Priorities: New Criteria

IISC has determined we can have the greatest impact on advancing racial equity and justice by partnering with organizations and networks that:

  • Recognize the need to leverage, build, and shift power, decision-making, and leadership, particularly with BIPOC individuals and communities
  • Demonstrate sufficient readiness and commitment, for example:
    • The journey has already started
    • Commitment is deep and sustainable
    • Organizational leadership is committed and fully involved; Board is at least supportive and prepared to engage when the time is right
    • Sufficient resources – both time and money — have been committed
  • See this work as central to achieving its mission and integrated into the organization’s strategy and operations, not as a side component
  • Understand this work is very challenging, at times painful, but very powerful and impactful

New Consulting Engagements

The process and timing for pursuing a consulting engagement with IISC is as follows:

  • Watch this webinar describing who we are; our approach to racial equity consulting change work; the consulting and training services we offer as well as what do not offer; and how much it typically costs to work with IISC.
  • Reflect on our strategic priorities and criteria shared above.
  • If you believe your organization or network meets these criteria, we invite you to check back here in the fall at which time we will invite you to engage in our screening process.

New Training Engagements

The process and timing for pursuing a training engagement with IISC is as follows:

Additional Options

If pursuing a consulting or training engagement with IISC is not the right next step for you, or our timing does not meet your needs, we invite you to take a look at this collection of Resources for the Field that might be of use on your journey toward greater racial equity within your organization or network. Included in this collection of resources is a document that offers thoughts about work you can do on your own to stay committed to racial justice work in the absence of an external consultant. Also, take a look at IISC’s blogs and review the Racial Equity Resource and Referral List on our website, and consider – in particular – these highly regarded options for anti-racism training from a systems change perspective:

Please join us by watching this recording of IISC staff describing the work of IISC, with a focus on our consulting and training for racial equity. We appreciate your taking the time (48 minutes) to learn more about us.