Zone Is Where the Heart Is (or, More Light On the Golden Hour)

May 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I loved this blog post entitled, “Overthinking Is the Enemy of Creatives”, because of its practicality and its resonance with my inner conversation these days. I hope you find it as valuable. I wanted to share it, as well as vibe on it, as a testimony to the truth of its conceptual premise. Check it out!

It’s a wonderful feeling to be in your zone….and, to personalize: I feel wonderful when I’m in my Zone. Last week’s co-training experience, so eloquently described in Curtis’s post, was certainly a Zone experience for me. Its when mind matters, but does not overbear – she is in collaboration with so many other parts of Me. It feels beauty-full, freeing, effortless, magical, transformational. It is an unusually special phenomenon, not only for me, but for those around me who are observing, flowing, engaging, vibing with me as a result of it. The twinkles in the eyes, a spiritual knowing, and testimonies on the impact: that my being and doing what I am doing indeed helps – inspires – lifts – changes – another. I, too, am changed.

This is not a boast. This is a plea. My declarations here are themselves helping me give way to an emerging wisdom inside me. It nudges me to recognize the Zone, revere Her, and focus more intentionally there, so that I may live…and give life with as much meaning and power as possible.

So its true – I am often in my head about things. And it is also true –- that I not as often experience being in the spaces and places where I am out of my head (usually not out of my mind!) and into my heart, soul and body…with my mind doing its part as well. There, I find purpose, pleasure, power and promise.

I think it might be the essence of living itself.

As a personal goal in what is a transitional season for me, I am intrigued by the idea of taking this gift of Zone, and orienting my life goals and resources (time, talent, treasure, energy, time left, giftings, etc.) to build, re-design Self, from this place. I am assessing whether I have the courage enough to utilize Zone as a reference point for personal possibility. I hope this public confession entreats you to hold me accountable to this aspiration, provokes you to consider Zone, and to celebrate aloud the feeling, the reality, and availability of such, I believe, in each human life.

I can get down with philosophically complex, sociologically deep, analysis of intractable social justice concerns another time – but for this week, in this space, I owed it to Self to vibe it out, flow it out, and pay homage to The Zone…The Golden Hour. Light it up, folks! Light it up!

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  • Curtis says:

    Yes, Melinda, yes! I want to stay with you in the Zone! Out of our heads, or at least, not just in our heads. Full-bodied, that’s what I’m talking about. I’ll hold you accountable, Buddy, if you do the same for me. I once wrote a song for Emily (it was actually the song through which I proposed), in which the refrain is “This woman wants to be embraced by hands and not my mind. And being smart just ain’t so smart at times as being kind . . . .” Hard to remember in this high octane intellectual center we call Boston. One key I’m discovering is to stay rooted in story. Story connects. Story brings it down to Earth. Teach through story, learn through story, think through story.

  • Melinda says:

    Super anecdotal gifts, Curtis, for how to…eh….Zone in, if you will. Will hold you accountable in the wonderfulest of ways. More zoning anon. And, folks — make sure to read the “Overthinking” blog I referenced above.

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