Leadership for Transformative Futures

A multi-part interactive learning experience

This series is for leaders of all kinds – organizers, network members, and those working for justice. Each of the three sessions will help leaders dig into the complexity and reactivity of the moment.
Together we’ll explore the roots of a current critical issue, and IISC will offer tools with an eye on identifying opportunities to move towards transformative and equitable futures.

Session Two:
New and Ancient Wisdom for Shared Leadership:
Lessons to (Re)Learn and Unlearn 

July 25, 2024, 3-4:30pm ET
With IISC facilitators Simone John and Cynthia Silva Parker

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We are living in a moment of immense instability. Leaders are expected to model their values while balancing budgets, addressing staff discord, and navigating ideological conflicts. IISC has been supporting collaborative leaders and networks for years; still, to some people, shared leadership sounds like a new and even disruptive concept. In this session, we will explore how shared leadership and interdependence have always been common in nature and in movements for justice. Join us to reflect on lessons we’ve learned – and unlearned – on the path to transformative futures.
Together we’ll distill enduring leadership lessons for our times.

And here are Cynthia’s and Simone’s reflections on the session as they prepare…

From Cynthia Silva Parker…

Here are a few messages about leadership that I internalized early in life.  “Work HARD – harder than everyone else.” “Never let them see you sweat.” “Pull the extra weight so that others don’t have to be burdened.” “Make sure you have the best answers to the toughest questions.” “Be the best at the work we do.”  Sound familiar? 

Turns out I’ve spent the better part of my adult life unlearning these lessons – and a few others – because they tend to undermine the health of collaborative efforts as much as they undermine my own health and well-being. 

From Simone John…

I’ve had a bone-deep commitment to collective liberation since I was a conscientious kid. As a young adult working in nonprofit settings, I was surprised how embedded individualism and assimilation were in my ideas of leadership and fulfillment despite the clarity of my convictions. Over the years I’ve developed strategies to weed these mindsets out and seed collaborative, generative approaches in their place. 

Join us on July 25th for these and other true confessions, and for an illuminating look into what nature has to teach us about shared leadership and interdependence. Let’s support each other in unlearning, relearning, and reinventing leadership for these times! 


Session Three: September 2024

Details coming soon!

Session One:
Conversation and tools for leading
during moments of chaos and complexity

May 7, 2024, 3-4:30 pm EST
With IISC facilitators Kelly Frances Bates and Simone John

The only lasting truth is change. (Octavia E. Butler, 2012, “Parable of the Talents”). 
We are living at a moment of immense instability – economically, politically, environmentally, and socially. Leaders are expected to navigate the instability and model their values. But how do you do it? And what’s your foundational orientation to change? How is that showing up now? How is it serving or not serving you and the people around you? In this learning experience, we’ll look at examples of how past leaders have led during seasons of unrest. Then we’ll work together to generate ideas and approaches to guide our own unique situations. We’ll close by sharing a tool you can use to deepen your ongoing exploration of these challenges and opportunities.

Read Kelly’s reflections about the May 7 session.