Network Building Resources

Check out these resources if you are interested in exploring the connections between network theory and social change, and let us know if you have additional suggestions!

Thought Leaders and Partners in Net Work


Networks for the Philanthropic and Nonprofit Sector


Network Mapping


  • Network-Centric Campaigns: Transforms advocacy for foundations and nonprofits by building networks of people to move change forward.
  • Social network analysis software & services for organizations, communities, and their consultants
  • Techsoup: Connects nonprofits, charities, and public libraries with technology products and solutions, plus the learning resources needed to make informed decisions about technology.

Networks in Action


  • Anklam, Patti. Net Work: A Practical Guide to Creating and Sustaining Networks at Work and in the World.
  • Barabási, Albert-Laszlo. Linked: How everything is connected to everything else and what it means for business, science, and everyday life.
  • Brafman, Ori and Rod A. Beckstrom. The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations.
  • Johansson, Frans. The Medici Effect: What elephants and epidemics can teach us about innovation.
  • Lederach, John Paul. The Moral Imagination: The art and soul of building peace.
  • Lipnack, Jessica and Jeffrey Stamps. The Age of the Network: Organizing Principles for the 21st Century.
  • Meadows, Donella. Thinking in Systems: A Primer, Edited by Diana Wright, Sustainability Institute.
  • Shirky, Clay. Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organization.
    Search for Clay Shirky talking about his work on Youtube!

And here are a few articles, which can be downloaded directly from the following links.