Building Your Collaborative Capacity for Social Justice and Racial Equity: An Overview of Working With IISC

Our team of brilliantly skilled and gifted staff work with individuals, organizations, networks, and communities who are committed to collaborative, transformational, and long-term change for racial equity and social justice. We have worked with foundations, government agencies, and nonprofits of all sizes across the nation. Our staff are fully steeped in the practices of collaborative and equitable leadership and bring their own unique facilitation magic as they design and support change processes and workshops, grounded in our values of love, power, and networks. When you work with us, you can look forward to powerful learning and a joyful and inspirational experience that is highly interactive, engaging both hearts and minds.

We do the work of change for racial equity and social justice in a number of ways:

  • Consulting: Our consultants bring their extraordinary selves and expertise to the design and facilitation of: 
    • organizational change efforts to operationalize and advance racial equity in all spheres of an organization, from HR to program development.
    • strategic direction setting processes that help organizations clarify their highest aspirations
    • high stakes gatherings that seek to resolve challenging issues and conflicts, and open pathways for advancing social change.
    • leadership cohort programs to support leaders – particularly leaders of color – to navigate the profound times that we live in and to build more equitable futures.
  • Training: We design and deliver learning experiences for individuals and organizations to build collaborative capacity and skills for leadership, facilitation, and racial equity.
  • Network Building and Weaving: We co-create equitable networks of leaders and organizations to leverage the power of connectivity for social change, including building and supporting network structures and training network leaders.

Our Approach

IISC facilitates social change and racial equity using our Collaborative Change Lens to shift power dynamics, focus on building networks, and amplify love as a force for social change. We believe that collaborative transformation requires challenging the underlying drivers of inequity in order to fundamentally change unjust situations.

Design Principles

IISC is guided by these design principles in our approach to all of our consulting and training engagements:

  • We involve your team and co-design the work.
  • We focus on organizational change while holding space for individual change and commitment-building.
  • We focus on internal change (within your organization or network), as well as the work you do in the world.
  • We assign multiracial consulting and training teams. 
  • We focus on the unique roles and identities of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color as well as white participants in driving change.
  • We design workshops and meetings that engage hearts and minds, enable access and authentic participation, and lead to meaningful outcomes. 

Is Your Organization Ready?

In order to maximize our impact on advancing racial equity and racial justice, IISC seeks to partner with  organizations and networks that:

  • Recognize the need to leverage, build, and shift power, decision-making, and leadership, particularly with BIPOC individuals and communities.
  • Have a demonstrated commitment and capacity for collaborative processes.
  • See advancing racial equity and racial justice as central to achieving their mission and integral to their strategy, programs, and operations, not as isolated activities.
  • Are willing to engage staff at all levels.

How to pursue a consulting or training engagement with IISC

If you’re ready to work with us we’d be delighted to hear from you!

Whether you’re interested in bringing one of our capacity-building workshops to your team or engaging IISC as a partner on the design and facilitation of an organizational change or planning process, a high-stakes gathering, a network-building process, or a leadership cohort, we invite you to use our contact form to connect with us and tell us more about you and your group. If you’re ready to request a specific workshop, feel free to use our workshop request form instead.

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your bold change!