Please visit “Working with IISC to Advance Racial Equity” to learn about how to access our consulting and training services.

An Overview of IISC’s Services

IISC works with individuals, organizations, networks, and communities that are committing to collaborative, transformational, and long-term change for racial equity

We do this in a number of ways:

  • Consulting: We design and facilitate racial equity change and strategic planning processes for organizations to operationalize and advance racial equity in all spheres of their organization. We also design and facilitate high stakes gatherings that seek to resolve challenging issues and open pathways for advancing equity.
  • Training: We design and deliver trainings to build collaborative capacity and skills for racial equity and facilitative leadership.
  • Network Building and Weaving: We build and weave equitable networks of leaders and organizations to leverage the power of connectivity for social change.
  • Design and Facilitation of Leadership Cohorts: We design and facilitate leadership cohort programs to support leaders to navigate the profound times that we live in and to build more equitable futures.

Design Principles

IISC is guided by these design principles in our approach to all of our consulting and training engagements:

  • Involve your team in designing our work together.
  • Focus on organizational change while holding space for individual change and commitment-building.
  • Assign multiracial consulting and training teams. 
  • Focus on the unique roles and identities of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color as well white participants in driving change.
  • Design workshops and meetings that engage hearts and minds, enable access and authentic participation, and lead to meaningful outcomes. 
  • Focus on internal change (within your organization or network), as well as changing the work you do in the world.

Goals of the Process

We support organizations and networks to be more equitable (and liberatory — though this may be too aspirational for right now) in how they operate and to achieve more equitable outcomes through their work in the world.

Anticipated Change:
– Individuals, organizations, and networks harness their collective power to make change
– Organizations and networks pursue racial equity outcomes,
– Adaptable, effective networks drive institutional and structural social change

Anticipated Impact:
Groups and communities that have been historically marginalized and oppressed based on race have an equitable share in the power and control of organizational and societal resources.

Who we Work With: 
Strategic Priorities for Increasing our Impact

IISC has determined we can have the greatest impact on advancing racial equity and racial justice by partnering with organizations and networks that:

  • Recognize the need to leverage, build, and shift power, decision-making, and leadership, particularly with BIPOC individuals and communities.
  • Demonstrate sufficient desire and readiness to change, including:
    • The journey has already started.
    • The organization has a demonstrated commitment to and capacity for collaborative processes.
    • Organizational leadership is fully involved; the board is at least informed, supportive, and prepared to engage when the time is right.
    • Sufficient resources – both time and money — have been dedicated.
  • See advancing racial equity and racial justice as central to achieving their mission and integral to their strategy, programs, and operations, not as isolated activities.
  • Understand that this transformative change work:
    • requires the engagement of people throughout the system
    • requires individual and collective willingness to change
    • is very challenging and engages a broad range of emotions, from joy to pain and everything in between.

Please learn more about working with IISC to advance racial equity and watch this video that explains our racial equity consulting and training services in detail.