IISC works with individuals, organizations, networks, and communities that are committing to comprehensive, long-term change for racial equity

We do this by:

Design Principles

IISC is guided by these design principles in our approach to all consulting engagements for the advancement of racial equity:

  • Collaborative process and design team
  • Focus on organizational change while holding space for individual commitment building and change 
  • Multiracial consulting teams 
  • Focus on identity and role in the process–role of BIPoC and white staff
  • Heart set and mindset–the workshop and the plan is not the only part of the work
  • Focus on internal network/organizational change as well as the work you do in the world.

Goals of the Process

  • Reduce harm
  • Increase freedom
  • Shift power & resources
  • Improve outcomes
  • Practices & systems for well-being

Strategic Priorities for Increasing our Impact

IISC has determined we can have the greatest impact on advancing racial equity and justice by partnering with clients who:

  • Recognize that you need to leverage, build, and shift power, decision-making, and leadership, particularly with BIPOC individuals and communities
  • Demonstrate sufficient readiness and commitment
    • journey has started
    • commitment is deep and sustainable
    • organizational leadership is committed and fully involved; board is at least supportive and prepared to engage when the time is right
    • sufficient commitment of resources – both time and money
  • See this work as integrated into the organization’s strategy and operations, not as a side component

With apologies, these are some of the services often requested that IISC does not offer. Please see these additional resources for possible other options.

  • Racial Equity 101/level-setting workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Facilitation of retreats, affinity groups, town hall, and/or all staff or board meetings
  • Racial equity audits or assessments resulting in “expert” recommendations on how to change your operations or programming