IISC’s strategic direction is grounded in our nearly thirty year history of strengthening collaboration and addressing critical future needs of our sector and the world. We are innovating at the intersection of equity, networks, and love, with racial equity as our core strategic focus. We believe that racial equity is a critical driver of transformational collaboration in this era. At this point in society, with fascism and white supremacy having been in our White House, we cannot be neutral about addressing racism. We have the opportunity to do what is right: to fundamentally transform the DNA of this society by doing our part to uproot racism. We are taking on racial justice as our primary focus and walking in the courageous footsteps of racial justice leaders before us, centering the leadership of people of color at IISC.

IISC understands that the problem we are working to address is that oppression, racism, political divides, and isolation have created a world that prevents all of us from realizing our full potential and from creating a healthy society that promotes liberation, equity, and collaboration.

See 25 years of IISC history and watch us dream about the next 25.


At IISC, we will work with people and systems to break down these divides and address the symptoms and root causes of the problem so that we can realize our vision of living on a healthy planet where people are thriving, valuing their differences, and working together for peace and justice.


IISC builds collaborative capacity in individuals, organizations, and networks working for social justice and racial equity.


These values will guide IISC in our work internally and externally:

  • We believe that social change is possible when three key elements are attended to: shared power and equity, network building, and love as a force for social change
  • We believe that transformative leadership is the kind of leadership we need in the 21st century
  • We believe in people’s right to be involved in the decisions that affect them so that they have influence over the quality of their lives
  • We believe in the dignity of all human beings and in taking care of our planet so that we can all live healthy lives and our communities can thrive

Our Collaborative Change Lens

Over more than 25 years, IISC has developed a lens through which we facilitate social change and we bring it to every engagement. IISC invites groups and leaders to shift power dynamics, focus on building networks, and magnify love as a force for social change. Using this collaborative change lens, we see leaders overcome challenges and have astounding impact.


IISC was founded in 1992 by Interaction Associates as an expression of its commitment to social justice and as a way of bringing its collaborative methodologies into the social sector. Since then, IISC has grown from a staff of two to an organization with a core team of staff members and a cadre of affiliates who have worked with thousands of individuals, organizations, coalitions and networks to boost and amplify their impact. Learn more.


Learn more about the people who make up the IISC team on our people page.