Bringing FL4SC to Virtual Work

A webinar series designed to help you integrate the collaborative values and practices of Facilitative Leadership for Social Change into your virtual work.

Civic Engagement, IISC Style

Engagement in our electoral process is a critical way to make our voices heard for social change and racial justice.

IISC Community: In case you need to hear it…

We’re in a pandemic, Trump/Facism exists, racism is unrelenting, and there are wildfires, hurricanes,... Read More

Quotable IISC

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Baindu Conté-Harvey

Business Manager

From Trauma to Transformative Futures: Four Dimensions

As you review the framework, would you share your responses to the questions below in the comments? What does it bring up for you? Where do you find yourself focusing your thinking and efforts? What might you want to explore,... Read More