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Increased interest in racial equity and justice is a good thing... and it has prompted us to make a few critical changes at IISC.

Rules of the Road for Change Agents

We recently wrapped up a series of workshops for members of the Wallace Center‘s... Read More

Quotable IISC

I am a woman of faith, and firmly believe that it IS possible to have a country and a world without exclusion and oppression…  May we each do our part to build that world.

Cynthia Silva Parker

Senior Associate

Energy Network Literacy: On Care-full Dis-Connection, Dis-Entanglement and Regenerative Flow Management

“i think of movements as intentional worlds, or perhaps more accurately as worlds designed by and for intentional people, those who are able to feel the world not as an unfolding accident of random occurrences, but rather as a massive... Read More