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Increased interest in racial equity and justice is a good thing... and it has prompted us to make a few critical changes at IISC.

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Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work - Virtual

You can still register for the upcoming Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work sessions.

Weave Back Better: Investing in Network Weaving as Part of Core Infrastructure

I was recently in conversation about the creation of a systems change programmatic offering... Read More

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The change we seek in the world ultimately comes down to the decisions we make about how we expend resources in our lives from the individual to community, organizational, and societal levels. We are committed to leveraging the gift from MacKenzie Scott towards realizing IISC’s vision


Kelly Bates


When $2 Million Calls: With Opportunity Comes Responsibility

This summer, the Interaction Institute for Social Change received news that we will never forget. After we prodded first to see if it was a scam, we learned that we were one among what MacKenzie Scott called 286 “high-impact organizations... Read More