Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work

Design and facilitate the challenging conversations that catalyze breakthrough thinking and lasting agreements

Are you interested in deepening your skills for facilitating effective conversations about race, racism, and racial justice? Would you like to be better equipped internally to hold space and be ready to respond in challenging moments when facilitating these conversations?

This workshop offers facilitators skills and tools to draw upon as we strive to be effective at helping people of diverse identities explore race, racism, and racial justice in ways that support them to work together more constructively.

By the end of this workshop series, participants will have:

  • An exploration of the internal conditions (e.g. mind, body, spirit, heart) needed to build self-awareness to effectively facilitate racial justice conversations.
  • Practical skills for facilitating productive conversations and building shared understanding about race, racism, and racial justice, in both virtual and in-person environments.
  • A deeper understanding of the development of racial identity, the system of racialization in the U.S., and one’s own story within this context.
  • Practice addressing challenges and aspirations as a racial justice facilitator.
  • An experience of a caring and collaborative approach to racial justice facilitation and a well-resourced community of racial justice facilitators.

Session Descriptions

1. Foundations of Systemic Racism

  • Explore ways to build shared language and develop a shared understanding of racial justice concepts.

2. The Power of Storytelling

  • Understand stories of race in the US and how our own racialized identities impact our facilitation.
  • Explore how to create and use racial affinity spaces.

3. Preparing Yourself and the Container

  • Create the context for effective facilitation.
  • Learn strategies for managing when we’re activated as facilitators.
  • Reflect on how to sustain ourselves over time.

4. Facilitation Fundamentals

  • Explore the different roles facilitators are called on to play.
  • Learn intervention strategies for unexpected challenging moments.

5. Coaching & Practice

  • Apply these learnings to our own scenarios and exchange feedback while doing so.

This workshop is for anyone who is or would like to be facilitating conversations about race and racial justice, and who wants to sharpen their skills. We look forward to having you join us! 

$375/person Grassroots | $750/per person Nonprofit | $950/per person Foundation | $1,125/per person For-Profit/Social Venture

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Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work is also available as an offering for participants from one organization or network – either as an online offering as described above or as a two-day in-person learning experience. Learn more here.