Anandi Somasundaram

Affiliate Project Manager

Anandi (pronounced: ah-nun-thee), is an independent social impact project manager, organizer and facilitator based in Brooklyn, NY (occupied Lenape and Canarsie lands). She is committed to supporting individuals and groups in building sustainable, transformative movements striving for collective liberation. Anandi is a caste-privileged South Asian American and uses any pronouns.

Anandi started to more formally develop a social justice analysis in high school and college through youth-led civic engagement efforts at the local and state levels. Since then, she has shifted to building community at the grassroots level. These days, much of Anandi’s work focuses on areas of economic justice, healing justice, and South Asian power-building. Prior to becoming an independent contractor, Anandi worked in the health/insurance technology sphere, where she honed her program design and management skills.

Anandi approaches her work with warmth, somatics/mindfulness, and humor. Much of her skillset has been sharpened through organizing with a trauma-informed peer counseling collective that provides informal mental health care for people of color in the form of sliding scale donation-based peer counseling services. Her experiences organizing in a non-hierarchical, consensus-based collective have deepened her interest in supporting other groups and movements to create values-aligned, sustainable structures to support their own social impact work.