C. Payal Sharma

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

C. Payal Sharma (she/her) is an independent racial justice consultant, facilitator, and trainer who believes in the power of empathy, knowledge, courage, and action to create lasting equity and change.  She has over 15 years of experience in the Boston area, nationally, and internationally, leading workshops, trainings, and organizational change strategies. She has partnered with numerous institutions, spanning nonprofits, state agencies, schools, and corporations.  Payal leverages her power and skills as a multi-layered thinker and neurodivergent processor to attend to macro- and micro-dynamics of organizational change, tracking the late adopters, supporting the moving center, and empowering those at the leading edge.

Payal centers her work in love and humor, while holding history, truth, and possibility. She deeply believes that we must return to our shared humanity and is practicing revealing her own healed self. She also is an avid beginner scuba diver and loves honoring her introverted extrovert nature and comedic stand-up/storytelling.  She lives with her partner in Malden, MA and is a proud auntie to her chosen families.