Glenna Gerard

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

Glenna Gerard (she/her/hers) is co-author of DIALOGUE: Rediscover the Transforming Power of Conversation (John Wiley & Sons, 1998), and creator of the Presence Walkabout program.  She has 30+ years of personal experience in education, business, and consulting across a diversity of sectors. One of Glenna’s passions is convening and facilitating dialogue among diverse peoples to tap their collective wisdom and support them in creating profound impact and healing in the arenas they care most deeply about.  She loves to co-create spaces in partnership with the natural world, where people feel safe to be in dialogue and work together to care for the living systems they inhabit.  Glenna is also a Master Trainer and Facilitator with Interaction Associates.  She speaks Spanish as a second language and has presented at many local and national conferences: Systems Thinking in Action, ASTD, AQP, AHP, ASQC, International Conference of Work Teams, International Association of Facilitators, and the International Conference for the Institute of Noetic Sciences. She currently lives in New Mexico, where she guides Presence Walkabouts for individuals and groups.