Jae Spells

Affiliate Project Manager

Jae (they/them) is a project manager based in the Twin Cities, originally from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area, with a passion for working with local artists and grassroots organizations to dismantle white supremacy and advocate for marginalized communities. Jae thrives on creating organized systems that make complex projects run smoothly and effectively.

Jae is deeply committed to disability justice, language accessibility, and making space for neurodivergent folks. Supporting and organizing with people who share the vision of a just and equitable world is at the heart of their work. Through their efforts, Jae focuses on amplifying marginalized voices and fostering inclusive environments that drive long-term change.

When Jae is not managing projects, you’ll find them indulging their creativity as a ceramic artist and running their small business – Spellbound Ceramics. They also are a dedicated auntie, a lover of music, and deeply committed to caring for their chosen community.