Marie Michael

Affiliate Consultant/Trainer

Marie Michael (she/her) is an embodied coach, facilitator, and equity and inclusion practitioner with over 20 years of experience influencing individual and institutional change.  She provides visioning, strategic planning, and concrete action steps, focusing on work that develops the intercultural capacity of educators, leaders, community activists, and others committed to social justice. Marie works collaboratively and passionately,  modeling vulnerability, lifelong learning and a growth mindset.

Marie worked at The Blake School for 23 years, the last seven as the PK-12 Chair of Equity & Instruction.  She designed and led all school professional development, coached faculty, staff, and administrators, facilitated affinity spaces, and worked to develop more inclusive practices in admissions, communications, recruitment, retention, and teacher evaluation.

Marie has been consulting for six years. As an embodied coach and facilitator, Marie uses strategies she’s learned from Somatic Experiencing and Generative Somatics to support clients in listening deeply to themselves in order to build capacity and resilience, to solve problems and resolve conflict and tension with others, and to better align their actions with their values.

As an equity and social justice trainer, Marie uses an embodied approach with organizational leaders to develop long term equity plans and design training geared to their organization’s particular needs. She’s a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), able to use  the IDI to support individuals, groups and organizations in learning to work more effectively across cultures.

Marie loves pinto beans, green chiles, homemade tortillas, and tomatoes fresh from the garden.  If she could, she’d spend most of her time talking to weeping willow trees, sitting with turtles, and learning from her ancestors.  Healing justice is at the center of all her work because she sees it as a direct, radical path to liberation.  She believes equity work is sacred and messy, and her life’s purpose is to help people creatively embody the actions needed to individually and collectively transform ourselves, our systems and our communities.